Ms. Miloni Paw

Miloni Paw is a young enthusiast in the field of education. She has a pulse-pounding passion for the holistic growth of the youth - the future of the nation. She strongly believes that schooling is the foundation of a fine career where parental support becomes yet another important factor.
Miloni holds bachelors in Psychology from Mody University, Jaipur, later for her further studies, she went to George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia, USA. Other than the two degrees in Psychology, she also holds a degree in Education and recently completed her post-graduate diploma in Education Administration and School Counselling. Currently, she is pursuing law for she believes learning never stops. Her research interest in parenting and its different styles was guided by Professor Sharon Doetsch-Kidder throughout her studies in America. Her research in parenting and knowledge of Psychology helped her connect well with the parents at school. She is always keen to interact with the parent community as well as students at school.

Director’s Message:
Dear Parents,
As an educator who has been working in and with school, rather grown up in this culture, I not only value the type of education Vidhyanjali offers, but I wake up excited every day knowing that we are a school that truly values learning. We understand that the connective tissue that bonds learning and personal experience is essential to providing students intentional and relevant experiences that result in growth, maturity, and the sustained knowledge that learning is a continuous process.
Our aim at Vidhyanjali is to foster in our students both the desire and the ability to make a positive difference in the world, and parents will discover a community that is extremely dedicated to that mission. Over the years, alumni of The Vidhyanjali International School have proven themselves to be a true product of their school. I can proudly write, our students have excelled in various fields not just in the city rather nationwide and worldwide.
Our teachers are truly dedicated, passionate and committed to the future of every single child. Our strength is teaching students how to do things right, we don't just establish consequences for doing them wrong. Your child deserves it!

Miloni Paw
The Vidhyanjali International School